Custom Cerakoted Noveske Piston Gun

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    Noveske Rifleworks Custom Piston Rifle $2000.00

    This is a custom rifle made by the owner of Next Generation Arms back in 2010 for me, It was a collaboration amongst NGA and Noveske for some experimental use when everyone was going nuts over making the best most reliable piston driven AR15 system. This is not the original lower receiver that the gun was built on, it was originally on a NGA lower, I switched it over and had it recoated this year so the components matched. This was done by the former coater and gunsmith at Next Generation Arms who now owns STS Arms. The rifle is as accurate as any Noveske system you can buy and had the added bonus of Piston reliability. I wasn't one of the people that jumped on the piston train... I've always had the idea that if you want a piston gun, buy one... don't buy a direct gas gun and convert it over... if this is what they were supposed to be Eugene Stoner would have made them that way, however this gun is rare as there are only 5 of these configurations built by a manufacturer and not by a garage frankengunner. The gun itself shoots as well as my afghan, and my KAC with a 1/2 MOA group at 100 with an ACOG. Just really don't need another piston gun, I have a SCAR... really don't need anything else.

    Base AR15 Noveske Rifle System $1600.00
    Cerakote Custom Coating Job $399.95
    Daniel Defense 10.0 Omega Rail $335.00
    Magpul UBR $249.95
    Magpul UBR Strike Plate $21.95
    Magpul MIAD $31.95
    Magpul Gen 2 MBUS $59.95
    Magpul XTR Rail Panels (4 sets) $29.95
    Magpul 20rnd PMAG w/ Ranger Plate $25.95
    Magpul BAD Lever $25.95
    Magpul Enhanced Butt Pad $15.95
    Noveske Endplate $19.95
    KNS Anti Rotational Pin Set $24.95
    Knights Armament Trigger Guard $21.95
    Primary Weapon Systems FSC556 $139.95

    Oh first person that shows me 2k for this gun will also get a Magpul AFG 2 and a Surefire Scout light in matching Tan, that's another $350 bucks in stuff to bolt to it.

    Like I said 2k don't really want to trade for anything else unless its a completely tricked out Saiga.:p

    541-680-6998 Text me or call probably wont answer call so leave a message texting gets better results.:winkkiss:




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    Man, thats a beauty. Best of luck on the sale.
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    yeah that is a sweet looking rifle.
  4. kritos666


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    Nathan and co. made a rifle for me that shoots out of this world. If I didn't already have that, I would buy this. ... man if i could only win the lotto!

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