WTS WA Custom AR15

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by cbzdel, Oct 9, 2014.

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    Nothing fancy by any means, but this was my first build I started, took a break from it, started 3 other builds that I liked much more as I had a better understanding of available parts. That being said I just finished it and I really have lost interest in it completely at this point. The whole rifle was built using parts from Surplus Arms and Ammo with the exception of the barrel which I bought online. To top it all off, it has never even been shot. Also wanted to note, that no damage was done to the receiver when driving any pins in, I really took my time with this build making sure to follow all the steps correctly.


    Here are the specs:
    SAA - Grim Reaper Lower
    Magpul MOE+ Grip
    DPMS Lower Parts Kit
    Magpul B.A.D. Level
    Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard
    Allen Screw Kit for Trigger Guard
    SSA Buffer Tube
    DPMS Standard Buffer & Spring
    Magpul CTR Stock
    Magpul Enhanced Buttpad

    SSA American Flag Upper (American Flag Under flip up rear sight)
    DPMS Upper Parts Kit
    Magpul Flip Up Rear Sight
    Magpul Carbine Length handguard
    DPMS Gas Tube
    Yankee Hill Flip Up Front Sight/Gas Block
    Yankee Hill Flash Hider
    Mas Defense 16" Barrel 1:7 twist chrome lined

    I think that is everything.

    I was hoping to get $600 for this. Due to buying everything locally I overall build cost was a bit on the high side but I think $600 is pretty reasonable for this setup, especially never being fired. I am located in Tacoma and am willing to meet anywhere from South Center to Lacey if you are serious about buying it.
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