Crimson Trace Lightguard

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by dball152, Dec 21, 2011.

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    Has anyone seen the new light guards from Crimson Trace? What are your thoughts? How bright is the light compared to a surefire G2? I am thinking about getting one for my 3rd Gen Glock 22.
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    I bought one for the wife's M&P40fs nightstand pistol for Christmas and fondled it a bit before wrapping it up and I like it. I have done hundreds of building searches at night and if I was still doing them I'd have a LightGuard on my duty pistol in addition to my hand held light. Switch is on the front-strap instead of the back of the light like a lot of weapon lights and it is very easy to operate. As soon as my "Toy Budget" allows I'll be buying one for my M&P too. So far I haven't seen many holsters available for it but I would imagine with the name of Crimson Trace the holster makers will be producing them in the very near future.

    I've never seen a Surefire G2 so have no comparison info, but the LightGuard is rated at 100 lumen if that helps.

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