COLT AR-15, 7.62 X 39 mm. $799.

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    COLT AR-15 Lightweight Sporter in 7.62 X 39 mm Caliber. $799.

    Three 10 round, and one 26 round magazine(s), detachable carry handle iron sights, and 100 rounds of ammo go with the gun. The Colt company only made the upper between 1992-1994, and the lower is a Colt lightweight Sporter .223. 16" barrel. Excellent Condition. Chinese made Mil-Dot 4-12X illuminated scope is also available. $99.

    As some of you know, this COLT AR-15 shoots the AK-47 ammo which is essentially a short .308 (which is 7.62 X 51mm), but with great accuracy. Further, the ammo only costs about $7.00 for a box of 20 which is on par with the .223, but the 7.62 X 39 mm has a lot more penetration and stopping power.


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