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    To whom,
    Thank you VERY much for cleaning up my (our) shooting spot sometime this week. I went camping last weekend and it was bubbleguming trashed. Unfortunately I didn't have the room in my pickup to clean it up otherwise I woulda. We went out yesterday to clean it and shoot and found you had already beat us to it. For that I'm very very grateful. Thank you. We thought it would be way worse after the holiday weekend. Brought 2 trucks. If it was a member here please hit me up. Rock pit before you get to the pond. There's a road that takes off to the left at the spot. Again, thank you!!!
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    BDA, I've been seeing more of this 'Random Acts of Cleanups' happening more often lately. I think it's catching on! This is a good thing.

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    You aren't talking about the little spot with the little berm on the left that goes a little ways further than dead ends at yet another little campsite?

    If so that was myself and the wife. We also cleaned another spot a little further up that looked like a small gun battle took place. Almost 1000 223 cases, about 500 45acp 200-300 40sw and about 200 308 cases lying in that spot. It was a killer find for free brass, but took damn near 30 minutes for the wife and I to pick up all that brass, I am pretty sure a gun fight took place ;)
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