Cobray Mac11/9mm & Urban Cammo Case

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    Cobray Mac11/9mm & Urban Cammo Case

    This Mac11/9mm is new only had 25 rnds thru it and stored for some time, upgraded 16" barrel with heat shield fore guard for accuracy, if you know Mac's, the sights suck so I had a Green laser installed, you can now hip fire & hit bulls-eye's, green laser is visible in daylight & really adds the "holy crap factor"

    Mac 11/9mm are also known for bad trigger & horrendous trigger slap, this did actually make my finger sting after 4 rounds, so I had a gunsmith give it a trigger job that not only gave it a clean crisper break, but go rid of the trigger slap
    Nice gun now, really quite compared to my 9mm pistol & waaaay more accurate, perfect close quarters home defense weapon.

    comes with 2 Cobray 32 rnd mags and 3 new ProMags 32 rnd magazines, I feel the ProMag are actually better mags & come with a lifetime guarantee.

    Also comes with Urban Cammo Hard Cover Locking Case
    This Vintage 70's retro fur lined Tennis racket case is new and actually a better gun case than my true gun case's, Velcro straps hold the Mac11 and the tennis ball compartment holds 100rnds

    Get your Tactical Home Defense Weapon while you can

    $850 ........can test fire here on the property

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