Climbing Grizzley peak in SO. OR

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    Decided to get out and take a hike with Kaden today. He just turned 10 years old! You'd never know it by his spirited ways.

    He gets between 5-10 miles of playing in the hills and walking everyday. He really enjoys going up Grizzley peak, so that is what we did today.

    On the way up to the trail head, an older gentleman flagged me down. He was walking along with a paper bag, and said he got lost while hunting mushrooms with his adult kids.
    I let him use my cell phone to call them, but it went to Voice mail and he said they never check it.

    I asked him what kind of vehicle his boys were in and he described the one that had just gone past me minutes before.

    I asked him where he lived and he said about 3 miles down the main road. I offered to give him a lift, but he wanted to walk down on his own.

    I said "really, it is no trouble at all." But he said, "no, now I know where I am, I can walk it."

    I asked him how many mushrooms he got.

    He laughed and said "only 1."

    "That is a long haul for a single mushroom." I said.

    "Yep." he agreed and waved and started down the road.


    There was only 1 vehicle in the trailhead lot (A big white Jackson Co Van.)

    Saw all kinds of wildflowers.

    I am not certain their names.



    I am almost certain that this is "Indian Paintbrush"
    It seemed early for it, but it was on the sunny side of the mountain at about 5000 ft.


    These ones are my favorite ones.

    Such a great shade of blue.

    14172818595_522eb67460_c.jpg DSC_5563_

    Kaden was having a great time looking for mice.

    The sun was out and there was a light breeze.

    Perfect conditions for a hike, almost a bit warm.


    We could See Mt Shasta and Pilot Rock off to the South.

    Mt Shasta is over in California, Pilot rock is just barely still in Oregon.


    Here is Pilot Rock and Interstate 5 looking to the Siskiyou summit.
    California starts just after where that road disappears over the ridges.

    I am not sure if those are the Marble Mts, or the Trinities over there... Probably the Trinities.


    Here is a shot looking off to the SW.

    Mt Ashland is the highest point in the county.

    Unfortunately, they weren't ever able to open the ski hill this year, because they didn't have enough snow. Now they finally have some, but they left it closed.

    First time in 50 years.


    I live down in the valley of this shot.

    That is the booming metropolis of "Talent."


    You can really see how all of the layers of rock have been shifted and lifted up here.


    I stopped to catch my breath for a moment, and Kaden said, "Check out the circle around the sun."

    I am pretty sure that is from ice crystals in the stratosphere.


    After a few minutes of resting up at the top,

    Me and Kaden walked back to the loop and continued on back to the truck.

    I was able to set the camera on a rock and use the timer to take a shot in order to prove that I was really there.

    Was a great day.

    My legs are tired though.


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