WTS/WTT WA Clean Brass -- .223/5.56/9mm/.40s&w

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    I am selling some once fired outdoor range brass that has accumulated. It has been sorted and wet tumbled with stainless media. I have done my best to sort out brass that is not useable or reloadable.

    I have roughly 3800 .40S&W, 2500 5.56/.223, 300 9mm. Please see below for exact amounts. I am asking $45/k for .40S&W, $70/k for .223/5.56, and $30 for the 9mm. I also have about 30 pounds of uncleaned .223/5.56 brass mixed head stamp.

    I am located in Goldendale, WA but can ship or meet in Portland/Hillsboro/Beaverton area. I can also take discreet PayPal. Check my feedback on AR15.com

    Reasonable offers considered! This is cross posted.

    Call or text Nick: 760-27one-337zero

    IMG_3688.jpg IMG_3695.jpg

    IVI .40S&W--1364
    Speer .40S&W—922
    Winchester .40S&W—231
    Federal .40S&W—162
    Hornady .40S&W—71
    HRTRS .40S&W—40
    PMC .40S&W—38
    Misc .40S&W—7
    FC 5.56—403
    WCC 5.56—1036
    Win NT 5.56—400
    Hornady 5.56—12
    Frontier .223—26
    PMC .223—56
    GECO .223—121
    Win NT 5.56--363
    Misc .223/5.56—16

    Speer .40S&W—583
    Federal .40S&W—166
    Hornady .40S&W—14
    Winchester .40S&W—211
    Winchester 9mm—213
    FC 9mm—42
    FC 9mm+P—27
    Speer 9mm—17
    LC05 5.56—11 (some are in rough shape)
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