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    For your consideration is a Chinese (Norinco) AK-47 semi-auto rifle with an underfolding stock. Outstanding specimen of the superior Chinese AK variants. Made in China and imported by CSI of Ontario, CA. It started life as a "ban" version after the Assault Weapons Ban went into effect as a Model NHM90 with a wood thumbhole stock. However, this one had the underfolder rear trunnion already installed at the factory (and plugged for export to the US) which allowed it to be converted back to a "pre-ban" configuration underfolder (minus the bayonet lug), provided 922r compliance parts were added. Compliance parts are: pistol grip (1) and, handguard (1) both made by Hogue (black rubberized); fire control group (3) made by Tapco; and flash reducer (1) made by CNC Warrior.

    This comes with a Chinese 30-round magazine and a sling. In addition, I will include the optional parts that came with the Hogue P/G + H/G kit, which would allow you to change our the upper H/G with an optic rail and three rails than can be mounted on the bottom or sides of the lower H/G, plus mounting hardware. The shepherds hook retainer spring for the Tapco FCG has been replaced by a retainer plate, making removal and installation much easier. Muzzle is threaded 14x1 LH with the normal spring-loaded detent pin.

    Modifications - To restore to pre-ban configuration, I installed a Polish underfolding stock kit (which I actually prefer over the Chinese because it's angled slightly higher and provides a better cheek weld/sight picture). Stock locks up tight and there's no wobble. I also cut off the rear tang used to secure the original thumbhole stock. As a result, the back of the rear trunnion shows the "scar", not so much from the cut but from the original factory weld, which left "dimples". In addition, the original safety lever has been cut to allow for manual slide lock-back (note: this is not designed to be used as a slide release; it's more a safety feature...your range officer will love it). The Tapco FCG is OK but not great compared to the original Chinese; if I keep it, I'll do a trigger job to smooth it out and give a light 2nd stage pull, but that's up to you to do....I'm just saying the stock Tapco is not as smooth as the original Chinese.

    This rifle has been shot, but I don't know how much; obviously not much, from looking at the internals. I have put under 100 rounds through it for function check and zeroing, all non-corrosive steel-case Russian ammo. Fires and functions perfectly. Rifle is in very good condition, as photos will show. All 5 serial-numbered parts match and they include receiver, bolt carrier, bolt, dust cover and recoil spring guide (the last digit of the serial number has been digitally deleted from photos).

    $1,200 shipped Priority Mail to you. I am a Virginia resident. If you want insurance, that's on you. Make sure your FFL will accept delivery from a non-FFL; otherwise, add $30 to cover at this end.

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