WTS OR Chilean M95|Swedish M96|Type 99 Sporter

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    I've had these three rifles for awhile, they were planned projects but once I enlisted I have had very little time to work on rifles.

    The M95 is fairly rough. I have the stock though it has many deep dings. The barrel for some strange reason was painted black and is also fairly dirty. However with 7x57 Remington CorLoks it's a fairly accurate rifle. This would make a great project for a lightweight deer rifle for a beginner shooter.

    The Swede was supposed to be my whitetail/coyote rifle down in Texas where I am stationed, but with New Mexico elk season come up and my shots there being 400+ meters typically I need the cash for a spotting scope. Comes with I believe a Champion composite stock, Timney trigger and the original 29 inch barrel. The bolt handle for some reason was ground down by a previous owner but it doesn't effect function or comfort. Barrel is bright.

    Type 99 is old sporter someone did back in the day. They installed a new 30-06 barrel, a Williams receiver sight, a new front post, reworked the bolt handle, jeweled the bolt, blued the whole rifle and put it in a new stock. Trouble is, someone since cut the buttstock shorter. The mum is intact, however someone D&T the receiver. Overall it makes for a great backpack rifle or for a project.

    These rifles actions are smooth and are accurate for me. I'm in no hurry to sell these, just want to free up some room in the safe and put a little money in my pocket for hunting season.

    Top is the T99, 2nd from the top is the M96, and second from the bottom is the M95

    M95 7x57:$150
    M96 6.5x55: $175
    Type 99: $175
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    conversation sent on M96

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