WTS OR Chiappa PAK-9 AK 9mm Pistol

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    ***Back to the safe***
    Chiappa PAK-9 AK 9mm pistol
    Factory box with all contents
    (2) 10 round 92 mags
    (1) 15 round Beretta 92 Mag
    (2) 30 round Beretta 92 Mags

    Picked this up brand new a few months ago and bought a couple of extra Beretta 92 mags for it too. I mean how cool is that, an 9mm AK pistol. But sadly it's just sits in the safe so it's time to move this on. This takes Beretta 92 mags and I believe there is a Glock adapter you can swap out. Here's a pic off the web for reference, I can take pics but it looks exactly like the picture. Asking $500 plus fees.

    2017-04-30 22.25.32.png
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