Chiappa 1911-22 $220

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    Price drop $200 to $200!

    Hey guys,

    Originally bought this for my girlfriend and then she got pregnant and has only hit the range with my once since we found out. So I have been the one who put 90% of the rounds through this one. Its got over 3,000 through it.

    Now everyone says Chiappa 1911-22s jams. The solution that I have found is to stagger the rounds left and right as you load them in the magazine. Then jamming becomes nonexistant. I have shot mostly Blazer in the 500 bulk pack with great success. I think that the premium stuff doesnt help the gun be any more reliable than the Blazer. I HAVE NOT SHOT ANY OTHER BULK AMMO THROUGH THIS GUN, if you use another brand of bulk ammo please understand that I am not sure how the gun will treat it.

    It has not gone fully into battery a few times. I attribute this to general ammo issue. I have seen GSG 1911 in .22 do this exact thing. Just a quick nudge of the back of the slide and its good to go. Happens once every 200-300 rounds (about once a range trip for me).

    As for the condition of the gun. The finish is well worn as you can see in the pics. The finish is very soft and it will wear and scratch easy. This isnt a safe queen. It got shot and handled alot. Check out the inside pics and you can see the wear on the inside of the slide and rails.

    Gun is registered in my name so definitely gonna have to see DL & CPL. Kirkland to Auburn is my trade area, can go a little further if we are both travelling a great distance. But please dont expect me to drive a long distance.

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