Cheap carry Package S&W 39-2, 3 mags, ammo, holsters(SPF)

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by bmw2, Oct 10, 2010.

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    First off, this is not a pretty gun. It was the previous owners truck gun and was stored in leather so the finish is not good. I bought it as a refinishing project but I just can't get into 9mm's. That said, internally it is in very good shape and I have taken it to the range several times. The trigger pull is actually pretty good and it has functioned flawlessly. Not sure on the total round count but I've put about 400 rounds of both FMJ's and hollow points through it. For those who don't know, the model 39 is a 8+1 single stack 9mm with an aluminum frame, the rear sight is screw adjustable for windage but not elevation and it has a magazine disconnect and de-cocker. Grips are brand new.

    The gun comes with with 150 rounds of ammo plus two full mags of Fiocchi hollow points with xtp bullets. Also comes with a clip on IWB holster that isn't the tightest fit but I've used it for carry and it keeps the gun in place, also a nylon scabbard which works really well for being cheap. Mags are one factory blued, one factory stainless and one aftermarket blued, all work perfect. I also have over 1000 pieces of brass that can go with it. I'll also include 30 rounds of factory .45auto if you want them.

    I'd like to get $325 for the package, I am interested in a few trades, I can can trade up or down where necessary. I also have a 18in barrel Winchester Model 12 20ga. in the shotgun section if anyone wants a package deal. Must have Wa. DL and CPL.

    Com Bloc handguns, especially in 9x18
    .357 S&W revolver or Ruger GP 100 w/adjustable sights
    6in. barrel .22 revolver, no single actions except Rugers
    Lever actions, would really like to find a .22 or any older Marlins, especially an 1893
    Flat top AR upper
    7.62x39 ammo
    18in barrel for a Remington 1100, no chopped barrels
    Mag extension for Remington 1100
    Horizontal holster for a Glock 20/21
    Or? Please no milsurps.
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