WTS WA Century Arms Spanish CETME 308 Cal rifle FOR SALE.

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    Hello everyone,

    I am looking to sell my Century Arms Spanish Cetme rifle. 308 caliber, roller delayed blowback action. The predecessor to the German Hk G3 series of rifles.

    Unlike the typical crappy century arms stamped receivers this one is the ultra durable cast stainless steel receiver. It's built like a tank (feels like one too) but the recoil is not much more then a 7.62x39. To be honest I love this rifle and I don't want to sell it, It shoots great, the iron sights are lined up correctly and will hit what you point the rifle at out to 300 yards. I have done a lot of shooting with this and have never been let down, nor have I ever had a stoppage.

    With the rifle you will also receive a wooden stock set, this rifle currently sports the HK G3A3 furniture. Wide grip front hand guard, standard black buttstock. aftermarket scope mount, (actually fits the rifle..oh and no optics...sorry.) German Hk91/PTR91 rubber coated charging handle, the charging tube mounted cleaning kit/bayonet lug (with the actual cleaning kit inside) a bayonet, 5 magazines, (2 spanish cetme mags and 3 steel german Hk mags) and two mag pouches (which will also...with some fitting mount to a MOLLE set up) I have also installed the Hk PTR91/cetme "Tac Latch" this piece gives you the ability to change mags similar to a paddle mag release. Its incredibly reliable, easy to use, and MUCH easier then trying to release the mag from the button. I love this feature and I'm sure you will too!

    On the wooden stock set, I needed to use the recoil spring and assembly for the German Hk91 buttstock. Its not hard to switch back and forth. All you need is a punch, a hammer, and some patience. At the most it will take you 10 to 15 minutes.

    All in all I am looking for $1000.00 OBO. No trades please. I am also looking for someone in the greater western WA area. I am willing to travel a reasonable distance to sell this rifle. I live in Tacoma, farthest north I am willing to travel is Everett, and Farthest south I am willing to travel will be like..Chehalis. I am also willing to travel a bit east or west if necessary. I am trying to sell this rifle by the end of this weekend. So I am willing to work out price and travel means, but that does not mean I will accept stupidly lowball offers. I know what I have, I know what I am offering, I know what I have put into this rifle and what it is worth. I am looking to sell to a shooter who will love it and use it for its intended purpose. Not a dealer who is just looking to turn and burn.

    Please contact me day or night at (253) 232-6880 or by email at Andrew.love89@yahoo.com

    God bless America, Long Live the Republic, and Long live the 2nd amendment!!

    P.S. I have tons of great photos I took of this rifle to sell it. Unfortunately they will not upload on here. (LAME!!!) So if you email me I will send you as many photos as you'd like. Even take more if you desire. Thank you!
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    that is a cetme right from century arms for a 1000.00? is that right

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