Century Arms CETME Sporter .308 (HK91 )

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    Howdy, new member here in Vancouver, WA.

    I've got an excellent-to-mint early Century Arms (made in USA) CETME Sporter in .308 caliber. Early pistol grip model, wood forestock and buttstock. Extras include 20-round mag, nice dual-rail scope mount (allows use of stock iron sites, and has a side rail for mounting a tactical light, etc.), BSA 3x12 scope, and carrying case.

    I'd like to see $1,000.00 if traded; will be a little flexible for cash. Email for pictures to trose693@cs.com

    I could use a good mid- to small-frame automatic handgun (or two), high-quality .22lr pistol and rifle (Browning, Hi-Standard, etc.), gold/silver, good music gear maybe... depends upon what you've got.

    Best wishes to all.

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