Center Shot Eng. Carbon-Fiber SOLD

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    This is one of the original models. See the website below.

    "Two Oregonians, Joe Huddleston and John Weil, have developed one of the most sophisticated bipods you can buy. The new Center Shot carbon-fiber bipod is ultra-light, weighing just 19 ounces (0.55 kg). John Weil used a prototype version at the 2009 F-Class world championships in Bisley, England. John was a member of the USA Team which won the F-TR Team Championship."

    High-Tech Carbon-Fiber Bipod for F-TR Competition « Daily Bulletin

    I paid $425.00 and am asking $200.00 The bi-pod is in Tigard, will ship, 503-639-4869

    bipod 006.jpg

    bipod 007.jpg

    bipod 008.jpg

    bipod 009.jpg
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