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    Hello Everyone,

    I came across this forum the other day and I'm happy I found it. My name is Casey Thurston and I currently reside in Richland. I work as a Risk Analyst for a small business and help with the clean up of Hanford.

    Lately, I realized that I needed to get into a hobby as I'm too old to continue playing baseball and decided that I needed to start shooting more often. A few years ago I bought a Springfield XDM, when they first came out and have just started shooting it regularly in the last couple of months. I've started getting into shooting Steel Challenge, though I usually finish near the bottom, which is fine since I am improving all of the time.

    I am what I would call an average or below average pistol shooter, when compared to those who have been doing it for a few years, but it's still fun and I figure I will improve as I practice more and more. I want to start shooting USPSA matches and probably will pretty soon. They look like a lot of fun.

    I'm also interested in getting into three gun shooting as well. I shot rifles pretty well in the Marine Corps and grew up as a bird hunter so I am adequate with a shotgun. Honestly, I think it looks about as much fun as you can have and I figure that my shooting skills with long guns could hopefully offset my less than stellar pistol skills. The only thing is I have to get an AR soon so I can start, so if you know someone who is looking to sell one, let me know and maybe I can take it off their hands.

    Also, I'm probably going to get into reloading so I can shoot more, since ammo for a .40 is kind of expensive. I'm still trying to determine what would be a good set up to start with, though I'm starting to understand a turret or progressive press would be the best to start with. Either way, it will be fun to start learning.

    Anyways, finding a local forum is pretty exciting. It would be nice to start getting to know some other people in the area and maybe have a shooting buddy or two.


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    Welcome to the Forum from the Oregon Coast!
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    Greetings from Oregon!
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    Casey, welcome aboard! Keep practicing and smiling ... it always gets better.

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