Bulgarian Makarov PM w/Blade Tech Ultimate Concealment Holster - $315 FTF

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    For sale: Bulgarian Makarov PM in 9mm Makarov (9x18mm), with two 8rd magazines, original and target grips, and a Blade Tech Ultimate Concealment Holster.

    Excellent little pistol in good condition. It has holster wear, but that is to be expected in a surplus pistol. I have put about 100 rounds through, and it is accurate and reliable with zero failures using Fiocchi target ammo.



    Using the Blade Tech Holster I can easily conceal the Makarov under a t-shirt or polo. Holster is right handed, with a 1.5" s-hook belt loop. Can be adjusted to FBI cant or straight drop. Link to Blade Tech store listing.


    I am interested in a face to face sale in the Seattle area, or by Wades Gun Shop in Bellevue. I ask that you bring valid drivers license and CCW, and ideally a photocopy of the two for my personal records. If interested, post in the thread, PM, or for immediate response email me at:
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