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5.56x45mm NATO
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I've got a 1500rnd case that's only been opened for photos. 30rnd boxes inside hence the 1500rnd case instead of 1000. I'd like $650 (price lowered for entire case sale to $600)for the case which is $0.44 a rnd x 1500 - $10 = $650. I'd like to sell as one lot but I might be inclined to keep a little of it if a person only wanted say 990rnds at $0.44 per rnd. Trying to raise cash so not really interested in trades. I might consider something if it's heavily slanted in my favor and seems like I might be able to resell fairly quickly. I travel around for work and may be able to arrange delivery, hit me up and see.

ETA: about the only trade I'd be interested in that would override the need for cash would be a Blackhawk in .480, either barrel length.

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I plunk their 7.62x51
I like their cartridges. I’d never heard I’d them, until recently. Good stuff.
Thanks for the vote of confidence. As with most things, if you search the Internet you find the vocal few with an axe to grind. A couple people on the Internet have stated that this ammo wouldn't cycle their guns. I tend to think that might be a gun issue.

If someone wants to come out to me and buy the case, they can bring their rifle and try out a few rounds, if it fails I'll refund them.
Also: If this were true, it’s plinking ammo.. clearing jams is great practice for the real world SHTF.
I get far better shots with this, than my Winchester LC ball.
They definitely haven’t jammed for me. Their cases look much better than Win.
And the cases are tough. My new unit, has a dual ejector. And the brass that DIDN’T dent, was this brand. Until I got the gas adjustment right, I was curling the base of several types of brass. This stuff all looked fine (reloadable).

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