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As stated in the title, brand new and unfired Glock 19 Gen 3 with every thing (2 mags, paperwork, box, etc). Bought this over the summer with plans of SBR'ing it but with recent reviews of the KPOS converter it doesn't seem like it would be worth the money and time.

$550 FTF around the Gateway/Parkrose/NE Portland area

I also have the 50rd drum magazine, unused, found here: Glock 9MM 50 Rd. Drum $89.00 and 1 Glock factory 33rd magazine, unusued as well. Will sell both for $115 on top of the Glock price if wanted. Piecing out will be $80 for the drum mag and $35 for the 33rd mag.

Any questions feel free to PM me. No trades please.
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