Brand New M&P Shield 40cal + ammo + holster

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    For sale brand new never fired S&W M&P SHIELD 40 caliber in original box and original papers.
    Also I have two boxes of ammo, 25 rounds of Federal home defense and 50 rounds of TulAmmo FMJ.
    And to top this off, I have brand new black leather conceal holster.

    Why selling: I really wanted shield 9mm, but knowing how hard it is to get anything now days I bought this gun so I can trade it later.
    SO here is what I want.
    Priority #1, Trade my new 40 for your new shield 9mm.
    IF you have shield 9 for sale, let me know I'll buy it from you.

    Or I just sell this 40 and keep shopping for shield 9, sooner or later one will be for sale.

    Prices are:

    $625 for the gun
    $50 for two boxes of ammo
    $25 for the holster

    $700 for all
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    pm sent

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