Blackhawk NRS stock & forend (mossberg 500) who has one

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by .45's and .38's, May 27, 2012.

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    I am considering purchasing this stock setup & I want to know what the owners think about it....

    is the NRS worth the 50 dollar price cut or should I save up for the recoil reducing one. How long is the forend that comes with the blackhawk stock setup. cant find any info anywhere. I read online that guys are having problems fitting their forends on the mossy 500. Do you prefer a pistol grip over the standard mossberg stock....Does the NRS stock smack you in the cheek bone like a punch to the face when shooting. another problem ive been reading about. any help is appreciated

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    I have the recoil reducing one. I like it BUT when I try to shoot it with the stock collapsed, I can't get my eye down far enough to get a good bead on things. I have no issues with the stock fully extended. If it had ghost ring sights it would be ok. I tried an optic on it but it just kinda defeated the purpose of a kick around gun and then the optic sat too high to be comfortable... couldn't get my cheek down on the gun then. I think I want to go to a regular ol speed feed stock... but that's just me. Also the fore end that came in the kit was too long for my particular gun (I don't remember the specific lengths right off the top of my head).

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