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    Hi everyone!

    I want to thank all who have visited and stated so many nice things about our new shop on Norhwestfirearms.
    We have been open a little over 4 weeks now, and the response from Salem and surrounding area has been absolutely wonderful.
    Just a short note about me,I'm a retired nurseryman of many years and my love of firearms started at age 14. Bought,sold, and collected guns all those years until now at 64 I decided Salem could use a Gun Shop with a new twist.
    We have over 300 long guns and hand guns. Most of the firearms are used and in very nice condition,and we have some new in the box collectables.
    We can order just about anything you want as we are now set up with most of the major suppliers.
    We have been very busy getting the shop set up but as soon as possible, I'll be joining Northwest Firearms.

    Come see us soon and many thanks,

    Bill Lewis and Rebecca Naylor

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