Bersa Thunder 380cc (SPF)

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by Iansstud, Feb 28, 2010.

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    The wife and myself got some really bad news this week and ended up having to drain our 'emergency fund' and I really hate being with out a buffer in my savings account.

    So, Im selling my wifes Bersa 380cc.

    Make: Bersa
    Model: Thunder 380cc
    Finnish: Stainless/Stainless
    Generation: 2
    Cond: 95% (only used about 25 rounds, No scratches, no wearing)

    It's got less then a box of ammo through it!! I picked it up as a backup for the wife and she has only used it a few times and because this is our 2nd of this exact same gun Its time to sell it. It been shot 25 times at the range, then cleaned and back in the safe. Its never even been in a holster! or carried!! I have removed the magazine safety (only lets the gun shoot with a magazine in) but Will include the parts that were removed with the sale. Also included is the factory magazine, and a $45 spare mag, A box of Remington ammo and a 1/2 box of Winchester ammo (both FMJ)

    I have 2 of these and the other one has about 250 rounds on it with not a single jam!!! I trust my familys life to these because they are very reliable!

    This is the Gen 2 model with sight holes drilled and a checkered mag release. If you look at gunbroker or Auction arms you won't even find a Stainless model!!!!

    Im asking $280 FTF or $300 shipped to your FFL
    Included is the Pistol, 2 8rd mags, AND 70+ rds of 380. This wont last long. I am selling other things as well and its whatever gets sold 1st.


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