WTS OR Beretta Nano 9mm

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    Beretta Nano 9mm for sale. It has about 900 rounds through it I'd imagine. I replaced the poly guide rod with a stainless steel one. It has some holster wear up by the muzzle. It was my CCW gun of choice for about a year or so. Comes with a whole bunch of goodies, in addition to the weapon. 1 -6rd magazine, 2 pocket holsters, 2 IWB holsters, 2 IWB mag carriers. Original box and manual. 249rds of FMJ LA Ammo reloads and 3 9mm 100rd boxes. Well over $500 worth of stuff. The FIRM price is $400.00. I know that there are some ultra-frugal people around here, and your finger is hovering over the mouse button, dying to offer me $200, first choice of your dog's next litter, and a hubcap from a 1978 Cadillac El Dorado but re-read the post and see the the price is FIRM. :) I'll meet you at any FFL in Hillsboro too, if you are interested.
    As for trades, about the only thing I want is a JR rifle .40 Take down model.

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