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    Traded it off, Thanks!

    Beretta 96 - $450 or trades - FTF only

    I live in Hillsboro and work in Wilsonville.

    I bought this gun new 10+ years ago, it was my primary carry pistol for a long time and has never had a malfunction. The only reason I am getting rid if it is that I haven't shot it in years (I always find myself shooting my 96 instead) and its my only 40S&W.

    It has a little bit of holster ware but no abuse, shoots great and is very reliable. It comes with Trijicon sites, factory and Hogue grips, D-spring (factory upgrade trigger spring), 2 factory mags, 165 rounds of FMJ, and 15 rounds of Federal Hydra Shocks.

    I am open to a lot of trades so post up what you got. I am willing to add money in a trade for something I want. Reloading, Compact pistol, 1911, ARs, Hunting, 22cal, OU or 870 12ga, etc.... I am also a car/4wd guy.




    Let me know if the pics don't work.
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