Benelli SuperNova with Comfort tech 12 gauge

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by Scott, Sep 26, 2010.

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    Benelli Super Nova with Comfort tech 28" barrel 2 3/4 to 3 1/2" shells plus in Max 4 Camo

    This is an awesome gun and almost new as I just used if for duck, geese, and turkey. I have had 6 neck and back surgery's and have plates in neck and rods in back and this gun with 3 1/2" magnums does not help me too much. I have other shotguns that have have the recoil of this but I just can't use it any more it I want to walk. I really don't want to sell it but I am going to buy another shotgun to make up for it.

    This gun is in perfect condition and shoots dead on and is a great bird gun if you like hunting ducks, geese, and other flying birds.

    I have the shims for LOP to adjust for you if you like to change the stock and like 4 new chokes that have not been used. I just use extended full for all my hunting. Only has about a 100 rounds through it and drops geese like they have no wings.

    Anyways the price is $475 for the gun, chokes, shim kit for stock, universal choke remover, and silicone gun sock. Plus I will add 4 boxes of good ammo. I have like 5 cases of Remington Nitro so I will throw in 4 boxes to get you started.

    I did not have time to post pics but if interested let me know or we can meet and you can see it. Not a chip or scratch on it.

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