WTS OR Benchmade Emerson CQC7 970/975 SBT

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    Two Benchmade / Emerson CQC7 knives for sale.

    First is the 970SBT. Only visible wear is on the clip, and the blade is how it came from the factory. It opens as though it were a new knife. $225

    Second is the 975 SBT. I bought this from a guy who had know idea of the value of this knife. He cleaned it improperly which removed some of the coating off of one side of the blade. It has been sharpened by Benchmade recently, and is in really good condition otherwise. $150

    Both of these knive are no longer made, and come without boxes.

    I am open to very reasonable offers or trades.

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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