BCM 14.5" BFH Midlength barrel stripped and Battlecomp 1.5 Black

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    ETA - Decided to keep the barrel and comp. Withdrawn, thanks.

    For sale or trade I have a brand new stripped BCM 14.5" midlength BFH (cold hammer forged) barrel as well as a Battlecomp 1.5 compensator in black. The comp is ready to be permanently installed to give you the 16" legal length. I have decided to go with a full 16" barrel and a different rail system instead for my build. I got tired of waiting for the original rail I wanted to come back in stock since it uses a proprietary barrel nut and I can't get the comp permanently attached without the barrel nut.

    Just asking what I paid except my price is shipped so you'll save a little bit on shipping as opposed to buying from an online store.
    $309 shipped for the BCM barrel or $300 FTF in Seattle.
    $155 shipped for the Battlecomp or $150 FTF in Seattle.
    If you want both, I'll sell together for $455 shipped or $445 FTF in Seattle area

    Discreet Paypal gift/friends/family (or buyer pays fees if using a CC) or cash for FTF. Trades I'm interested in are below. Send me a PM if interested. Thanks for looking :)

    **NFA RULES APPLY** Buyer must know and understand all NFA rules before purchasing.

    Trades I'm interested in (would prefer new or like new):
    - 16" BCM BFH midlength barrel (straight across trade if new)
    - Battlecomp 1.0 in black
    - B5 SOPMOD stock gen 2 in black
    - Magpul MBUS gen 2 in black (Front and Rear)
    - Aero Precision stripped upper
    - Geissele SD-C trigger (small pin)
    - Troy VTAC Alpha Rail 13" in black

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