Barnes TAC-XP Bullets, 45 ACP (451 Diameter), 185 Grain Hollow Point,
Barnes Product# 45108

Technical Information: Sectional Density: 0.130 Ballistic Coefficient: 0.167

Very similar to their XPB bullet, Barnes has created the TAC-XP bullet, designed primarily for law enforcement and personal defense. These bullets have been tested in a variety of situations including shooting through barriers like wood, glass and metal, each time maintaining their original weight. TAC-XP bullets are 100% copper, making them safe for the environment.

One box unopened with 40 rounds and one box opened with 38 rounds
Total 78 rounds.
These are bullets only - not loaded ammunition.

Price is $55.00 including U.S. shipping via Priority Mail
Will accept Paypal, money order or check. Paypal ships immediately. Others must clear before shipment.

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