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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Shadowstalker, Aug 1, 2011.

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    I'm looking for some input on these for my Glock 22. I am a solid (not expert but certainly not poor) pistol shooter. I have about 5000 rds down the stock barrel. Will installing this make a noticeable difference in my groups at 10 and 25 yds
  2. chemist

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    Personally, I'm not a nearly good enough shot for the barrel to make any difference.

    It might be worth performing a vise test first to see how accurate the gun is when your hand is taken out of the equation. My bet is that even with the cheapest range ammo, a locked-down gun will produce groups that are much tighter than you've ever seen before.
  3. jakk586

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    maybe. no way to tell untill you install it and fire it. question to ask yourself is, "will the difference in my groups at 10 and 25 yds be worth $200"?
  4. TapRackNGo

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    I opted for the lone wolf, I just needed a threaded barrel.
  5. ch139

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    My Glocks with Bar-Sto barrels are a night and day difference in accuracy over the factory Glock barrel (as well as the cheap aftermarket barrels like Lone Wolf). None are the "Match Target" fit, all are "Semi Drop In" and all have had to go back to Bar-Sto to be fitted (guess I keep getting that 10% of the Semi Drop In barrels that need to be fitted - right).

    For accuracy they rock! The Glock reliability goes out the window though. In 9mm, 40 S&W and 45ACP they feed factory ammo alright, but handloads are a different story. I'm meticulous with my handloads, all fit into case gauges when done and the 45ACP ammo goes through a Kart barreled 1911 just fine, but they do not like the Bar-Sto barrels, chambers are very tight. I've not had to pay for any of mine so I have no room to complain, but if I were going to be paying several hundred dollars for a new barrel I'd look at Jarvis or KKM first. As it is, I like my guns to function and the accuracy out of a factory Glock barrel is just fine (5000-rounds isn't anything – wonder if Chuck Taylor has done anymore writing on his G17, had several hundred thousand rounds through it).

    Do keep us up to date on what you decided and the direction you go in.

    Good luck.
  6. Oro

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    Do you use a full-length resizing die when finshing your rounds? This made all the difference in the world when I was learning to reload .45, and my match BartSto barrel was finnicky. It is only like a $14 accessory from Lee.

    You set up your seating/crimp die to only seat, leave it backed out so as to not crimp. Then you use the last stage of the press with the Full length die to crimp and resize.

    That was the trick to turn my reloads into 100% reliable with the match BarSto barrel. The chambers on those type of barrels are unforgiving, but also part of why they are so accurate. I have used match fit barrels from Clark, Schuemann, and BarSto. All match fit by the same gunsmith. Best performance was from BartSto because, I believe, of the tight chamber tolerances.

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