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    Unfortunately I didnt see this until too late. I'm not sure this one received enough signatures to get on the fall ballot but here it is...

    Assigned Number: 1069
    Filed: 02/01/2010

    Mr. James E. Vaughn

    Public Contact Information:
    14416 168th Street
    Orting, WA 98360
    Phone: 253-241-9634
    Fax: 253-444-3820

    Ballot Title
    Statement of Subject: Initiative Measure No. 1069 concerns the state seal.

    Concise Description: This measure would require the Washington State Seal to depict a tapeworm attached to a taxpayer’s intestine, encircled by the words: Committed to sucking the life blood out of each and every taxpayer.

    Should this measure be enacted into law? Yes [ ] No [ ]

    Ballot Measure Summary
    This measure would require the Seal of the State of Washington to be changed to depict a vignette of a tapeworm dressed in a three piece suit attached to the lower intestine of a taxpayer shown as the central figure. The seal would be required to be encircled with the following words: “Committed to sucking the life blood out of each and every tax payer.” The illustration would be selected from submissions submitted by taxpayers.
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