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    Anyone perhaps interested in a real advanced, high quality compact 1080 HD camcorder? I only used this camcorder for two years, and I really baby my gear, so it is in pristine shape. I know that camera gear normally does not sell here in this group. But I thought I would post this anyway. I'll copy and paste text and photos from my other online ads down below.

    I'm located in Springfield, OR. I'm also right near the Cabelas store, if you plan to be in the area to shop at Cabelas.

    This camcorder was Canon's top compact model when I bought it in early 2012 for $1,499. In fact, it was the number 1 rated camcorder for under $2000 for both 2011 and 2012, until Canon released a slightly updated version. If you are a Canon camera user and want a camcorder that will deliver awesome Canon colors, this camcorder is for you.

    This is a real steal at only $400, or for $460 with the advanced DM-100 microphone included. It is in excellent working condition, and pristine physical condition. I really baby my gear when using it. I've not used it for the past two years, though, since I bought my much more expensive UHD Sony pro camcorder that I sunk $2,600 into.

    So I am looking for someone who is a real photo/video enthusiast and will appreciate all of this camcorder's advanced features, and give it a good home.

    Here are some links to articles about this camcorder:



    The standard battery that came with the camera can only record for 2 hours and 10 minutes, So I bought two high capacity batteries at $115 each, which can each record 3 hours and 40 minutes. I am also including Canon's fast battery recharger, another $58 You will have batteries good for well over 9 hours of recording.

    The high quality 58mm Canon lens is protected by a UV/Haze filter. A ND filter is also built into the camcorder, to help when shooting in bright sun.

    It has a gorgeous and very large 3.5 inch LCD, as well as viewfinder too, when working outdoors in bright light. The LCD is touch capacitive, and Canon's menu system is very easy to use. You can also customize the display to have shortcuts to common settings you like to adjust.

    This camera takes beautiful footage in full auto or program modes. However, it has so many advanced features, it really best belongs in the hands of a real video enthusiast, who will fully appreciate its extra professional features.

    This was the first camcorder to get Canon's POWERED IMAGE STABILIZATION, for real smooth handheld recording. The zoom control is highly adjustable and configurable. Likewise, the audio recording features and controls also also extensive, and more on par with what professional camcorder has. These are features that one just does not normally see in consumer camcorders.

    This was also one of the first camcorders to get touch focus tracking. So you can touch a subject on the big capacitive touch LCD, and the camera will lock focus on that subject if they move around.

    I could go on and on about this camcorder. I've not used it for the past 2 years, since I bought an even far more expensive professional Sony camcorder. The camcorder is in excellent condition, with no real signs of usage. I really baby my gear when using it.

    By itself, with the accessories already described, I am asking $400, which is quite a low price for this camcorder in such great condition.

    For $60 more, I am willing to throw in Canon's outstanding DM-100 Stereo Shotgun microphone. This is a highly advanced $190 microphone, that records real high quality audio. And best of all, it is very compact and lightweight. It does not affect the camera's handling at all, like many larger and heavier external microphones do. It has a mono shotgun mode for recording speakers from a long distance, as well as two stereo recording patterns. Read the reviews by users of this microphone on the B&H Photo website at the link below, and you will see that it is indeed an outstanding microphone. It comes with a great Dead Cat cover too, which totally eliminates wind noise when shooting outdoors.


    So $400 cash for the camcorder and accessories, or $460 with the DM-100 microphone included.

    Here are some photos.




    The camcorder has 3 storage drives. One built in 32 gig drive, and two SDXC slots for memory cards. Normally one has to buy a really expensive professional camcorder in order to get two card slots. SDHC and SDXC memory cards are both compatible.


    Rear of the camcorder showing the small standard battery installed, and the really awesome Custom control dial on the rear that makes fine tuning your exposure so very easy.

    And this camcorder has a viewfinder too, which one usually does not find these days on consumer camcorders. Having a viewfinder is really a blessing when shooting outdoors in bright sunlight.


    Remote control, fast battery charger, and two high capacity batteries, which actually fit flush to the camcorder, and do not protrude from it.


    Comes with a very extensive and detailed user manual.


    This is a real lightweight setup that will give you great results. Handling on the camcorder is great, with a big comfortable grip, the start/stop button right where your thumb is, and your trigger finder is right over the zoom rocker control.

    The Canon microphone is so very lightweight, that the camera remains well balanced and easy to hold.

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