Aviation Headsets and Navigation Equipment F/S

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    Flightcom Model 4 DX $110.00
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    David Clark Model H 10-13.4 2 Sets $310.00
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    David Clark Model H 10-13X $590.00
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    Peltor Aviation Model 7004 $90.00
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    Plantronics Model MS50/T30 $70.00
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    Misc Aviation things

    Narco Nav 200 TSO Working on a price

    Apollo 618 II Morrow $140.00 Comes with Manual

    Flightcom Model IIsx Voice Activated Portable Intercom for 2-place $115.00
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    This was my dad's stuff he was a commercial air line pilot.And he had a single engine plane that he used the above items in.They are from 5-10 years old. BUYER PAYS SHIPPING. Would trade for Bubba SKS Chinese,Yugoslavian,NON-BUBBA Finnish Mosin Nagant 27,28,28-30 or M-39,Swede 6.5 rifles.Have any questions let me know.Will do FTF is SW Oregon:)
    Scott Hannah

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