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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Austin Candela, Jun 4, 2015.

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    Greetings everyone,

    Austin here and I just signed up earlier today after a heavy week of reading! Very well put together site, highly organized with very relevant (sub) topics and banter.

    I wouldn't say I'm an "avid" shooter (no competition) but I very much do enjoy the times that I get to go out and let the benjamins drop to the ground. I've 2 young boys that I am just now starting to introduce to basics/handling to and look forward to their hopeful desire, if that is their choice, familiarize themselves with firearms.

    I am a former marine and current VetsWork Americorps Intern working with the Mt. Hood National Forest for 2015. I've been in contact with a number of LEO's and Recreation folks on the Hood and am hoping to help make a bit of a difference in our forests. I've got a lot of reading to do on this site as it looks like there have been some great strides already taken at some of the local "pits" and such in and around the west side of the Forest. For those of you involved, perhaps I'll be reaching out soon - I've yet to find out who those contacts are. I've been working on the Eastern side of the forest as of late and will be coming back to the West side sometime in July and picking up on some proposed recreational shooting projects (and clean ups!) there after.

    Glad I was turned on to this site and look forward to meeting some of you!
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    Welcome to NWFA. Sounds like you have a great job.
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    Welcome aboard and here's your first "like".
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    Hi Austin, welcome to our organization! It's great to hear of your enthusiasm and concern for our forest and for the sport of recreational target shooting.

    It's good to hear you say... "if that's their choice", when you mentioned your boys just starting out. That's what my father's attitude was and mine is as well. Never force it on them. Whether it's athletic sports, hunting or anything else, simply honor their decisions... "if that's their choice".

    Hat's off to you, Mr. former marine and current VetsWork Americorps Intern. Thank you for your service. I'm a free man, because of you, and I thank you for that!

    I'm one of those guys working on the Mt. Hood Target Shooter Information Program and some clean ups. I'd like to direct you the our forum section: Northwest Firearms Volunteer Program. At the top of that section, if you click "Watch Forum", you will get automatic alerts when something gets posted there. You can browse current and past events, view photos and videos, post comments and get a good feeling for the directions our volunteer program is moving in. If you like, you could join our team of Information Booth leaders (see the thread: NWFA Target Shooter Information Program and click the Vote box at the top).

    Chat with you soon! Enjoy the conversations and good to have you aboard!

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    Welcome Aboard :s0135:
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    Welcome aboard!!!:s0067:
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