For Sale or Trade ***SOLD***
Arsenel SGL-21

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Comes with the stock 5 round Mag and 2 K-Var 30 round Mags

I am the original owner, round count is right at 1460 flawless rounds.

Shoots great and the chrome lined Bore is mint. I will say so there are no surprises the rifle does show some finish wear on some of the sharper edges (Safety, Charging handle, front sling attachment) and the cheap black finish on the U.S. made AK74 style muzzle brake is nearly 100% gone.

That said the SGL-21 runs $700 + $50 for the two K-Var Mags so you are going to save $175 for some worn finish.


Trades I am after
AR-15 lower receivers
Quality AR-15 Uppers
Remington 870 Tactical 12 guage

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