WTS OR AR14 - RR 2 Stage, SS Black BBL, A2 Stock - $550 w/ Milspec, $600 w RR 2Stage

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    FullSizeRender (3).jpg AR with bull barrel (stainless) and rock river 2 stage trigger. Used the upper on my deer rifle for a few years, the lower is a new Bushmaster lower, quad rail, mediocre flip up sight that could be replaced with a carry handle and A2 stock. $50 price reduction without Trigger; I will replace it with a mil-spec. Nice gun, given clean bill of health by Kevin Riddling. Have big trip planned, need $ so no trades. Not selling trigger without selling Rifle. No name upper, Bushmaster lower. Good shape, no major cosmetic problems and absolutaly no functional issues - I just bought an AR pistol and, to be honest, I dont really care for ARs. Can't change title, but has all fifteen of whatever the fifteen stands for in AR15.

    Save it for the next gun ban scare and make millions! Invest in your future! Send you kids to school! Get a better looking wife!
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