AR 15 Tritium Sights

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by 9mmMike, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. 9mmMike

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    Tritium Iron Sights.

    Who has them, and what is your opinion/experience with them ??

    Couldn't find anything using search.

  2. magnum

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    I've had them on several handguns and I really like them. I'm going to get a pair for my m-4 soon. Midway has sets and opticsplanet has either front only or f&b sets. For 100.00 or less, they're a good deal. I'm not sure since I don't have one, a front night sight may interfere with a red dot optic.
  3. wakejoe

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    I have Trijicon night sights (Tritium) on my AR.

    I like them. The front sight doesn't get in the way of my Eotech dot at all. I don't even notice.

    Zeroing to a white dot on the front sight is nice, instead of the tip of the post. But you may run out of adjustment, and have to put the dot just below you target. This gets a little tricky at varying ranges.

    The two rear dots won't be "dots" like they are on a handgun. They get VERY blurry, and do not even slightly resemble dots. However, they are evenly blurry on both sides, and definitely give you a reference point to shoot with. You won't shoot with any sort of precision, but 50 yards or so would be spot on.

    Installation was a breeze.
  4. ch139

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    I've put the Trijicon tritium front sight on several of my arfs and really do like them. I don't bother with the tritium rear sigh anymore (tried it, don't like it) as I've found that having you face so (relatively) close to the rear sight, you just wind up with a green haze in front of your eye. Having the tritium front sight I've found that I can at least see the front sight and that when I do shoulder the weapon, I'm already looking through the aperture and see the front sight. We're not talking match precision here, but you can line up the sights in low light.

  5. jordanvraptor

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    I have them on my AR and they are really good for when its really dark like in woods at night. If its light enough to use the rear peep then you cant really notice or need the rear two dots. If its so dark as to be unable to make out the rear peep tjen those two dots are easy to line up three across with the front post.

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