AR-15 Style Rifle >>>>>>> 1911 GV't .45

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    Stag A2 with 20 inch bull barrel...less than 100 rnds. Pardus stock an dquad rail. Barrel is .556 1:7 twist.

    Sorry no pictures at the moment...will try and get some up soon.

    Looking for FULL SIZE 1911 (.45ACP ONLY)

    -Not fond of STainless Steel Finish
    -Preferable Kimber OR Sprigfield
    -Caspian Parts such as Recon Race Ready Receiver and Slide would be Great!
    -Recon Rail Receivers Prefered.
    -Single Stack Prefered. (p-14, maybe...)
    -Would think of multi trade, or lower end plus cash, but not garbage.
    -I am not lookign to add custom performance pieces not neccesary.

    Thanks for reading...
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