AR-15 Magpul/Troy pistol grips with Magpul MOE trigger guards and a Stag Arms FCG

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    1) Magpul Moe Pistol Grip and Magpul MOE trigger guard---$29+3 shipping (left most pg)

    Purchased, the found a good deal on a another pistol grip/ trigger guard combo so no need. (right most pg)

    2) Troy CQB Pistol Grip and Magpul MOE enhanced trigger guard---$29+3 shipping

    This PG is great for women/children and people who like the feel of AK-47 pistol grips, felt very similar to me; however I just didn't like the feel.

    3) USED Stag Arms complete FCG---$39+ shipping

    This has been USED. I found a Daniel Defense FCG, so no more need for this one.


    Will entertain reasonable offers. Will give discounted shipping for multiple items.

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