WTS/WTT WA AR-15 Low Rd. Count Optic Included SOLD!!!

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    I'll require a peek at your CPL, WAC card, Military ID, or Badge and your WA DL/ID.

    I haven't had time to build this one up. I shot it ONCE, so the round count is under 100. The only reason I shot it, was because I was sighting in another rifle, so I figured I do the same with this one. The other rifle was "kitted out", this one wasn't done yet.

    It shot flawlessly, and the optic seems to hold a good zero. It's light weight, but it doesn't have a lot of gadgetry attached. If you're looking for a good platform to build-up, this is a great starting point. It is all metal (no poly lower), so you won't strip anything out, and it's a fresh build (that's already been tested). It was extremely accurate, but I was only shooting at 25 yds, from a standing position.

    I didn't clean this thing, before I took the pictures, and it still looked really good. I did wipe it down, but there's a little noticeable crud on the BCG and in the chamber area (see pics). I'm surprised that it still looks so clean, but (as stated) I didn't shoot it that much.

    My price is $800, but I will entertain offers and trades. The trade would have to work out in my favor (worth more than the trade value, or something that I REALLY want).

    I'm including the magpul flip-up rear sight, the optic and one BRAND NEW PMAG.

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