Basically it's just a modified version of the Scottevest. Kind of cool he convinced them to make a gun carrying version. I know people have been using their jackets for concealment for a while now. They don't have the tacticool look like some of the 5.11 or Blackhawk stuff does, and if anyone notices you can bore them to tears explaining all the wire routing for headphones and battery chargers, and the pockets for your phone, and mp3 player, and small tablet, etcetera... total geekwear. Really if anyone recognizes it, they'll likely be nerds themselves and think it's just one of the cool scottevests.

It's how I used to make wearing a photo, then a 5.11 vest lest noticeable, at least to most people. Have a handsfree headset hanging out, and the wires to a pair of headphones, three or four pens, a notepad...

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