Ive owned this gun since i was about twelve the only info that i could find was that it was probably manufactured in between 1871-1879? jesse james wife use to carry the exact model hers had an octagon barrel if i remember right though, any way its about a 130 years old doesnt look like its been shot that much just looks handled, its a 5 shot .32 caliber old style pressure catridge, some of the nickel is chipped off of the cylender and cylender keeper pin, has very nice mother of pearl grips, pics on request

125$ seems to be a fair, p.s this is the bad side where the cylinder is chipped i have more pics up close i can email as well
!!!!!!!!!!!!!SCROLL TO THE RIGHT FOR MORE PICS SORRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

32007jpg-1.jpg 32005jpg-1.jpg 32008jpg-1.jpg

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