WTS/WTT OR AN/URM-25D RF Signal Generator

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    I originally picked this up intending to build a PC in it. I plugged it in for kicks and to my surprise it powers up. Not wanting to destroy a working piece of cold war history it's been sitting on my desk taking up space. I'm not into amateur radio so I have no idea, nor any way of knowing for sure, if it's still functional but the power supply still works at the least.

    It weighs about 37lbs and is quite large so shipping might be a tad pricy as USPS doesn't make a flatrate box big enough for this. UPS ground would be an estimated $70. US Post costs would be an estimated $80

    $165 $100+shipping costs or I am available for a FTF in Southern Oregon.

    Trades considered:
    Stag left handed AR15 barrel
    AR Lower receiver
    Multicam/Woodland/OD HSGI Rifle Taco pouches

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