ammunition, coming to Portland May 5 and 6

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    I will consider trades, only thing I am looking for is Lone Eagle or Competitor pistol in .308 or larger caliber.Reloading equipment isalwaysgood.416 Ruger bullets/brass. .375 Barnes bullets. Also 32-20brass.Leupold Vari-X II scopes too.

    Please post, "I will take...."ifyou want it, but I will not considerthedealfinalized until we have exchanged emails, texts or a phone call. At that time, it will be marked as "sold pending FTF". I will do my absolute best to go in order, but the best way to insure your "place" in the order list is to text me.

    I do NOT sell junk. I back up what I am selling and will make it right with you if an unknown problem pops up. I would only sell guns, ammo, and components that I would shoot myself. I WILL NEVER INTENTIONALLYRIP SOMONE OFF. Just call me and I will makeit right.

    If you don't think my prices are right, let me know. But, don't try to rip me off, my prices (as far as I was able to research them) are pretty firm. I don't need your lowball offers. If you buy in quantity, I am willing to discount 10% or so.

    I have guns that shoot most all of this ammo. I just have lots of extra and can use a few bucks.

    Randy 541-306-1399

    44 magnum PMC 240gr TCSP $30 per box of 50 10 available
    44 magnum Winchester 240gr JSP $35 per box of 50 2 available
    357 magnum PMC 150gr JHP $25 per box of 50 2 available
    357 magnum Winchester 110gr JHP $24 per box of 50 2 available
    357 magnum Hornady 158gr XTP $15 per box of 20 2 available
    357 magnum Cor-Bon 125gr DPX $20 per box of 20 2 available
    357 Maximum (not magnum) Federal 180gr JHP $35 box of 50
    32 S&W Long Remington 95gr LRN $20 box of 45

    I also have 575 rounds of professional/factory reloads in 45acp for $170.

    This is only a partial list right now. Have lots more ammo, especially 7mm mag, 270, 300 mag, and 308. Stay in touch if you would like prices on that stuff as I get it inventoried.
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    I would be interested in a box of the .44 Magnum. I know this is the 6th and meeting might be an issue for you.

    PM coming your way.

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    Sent a text regarding 38 Special UMC 130gr FMJ $60 per box of 250 MEGA PACK

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