Ammo sighting at Fall City Firearms. 22 lr 9mm 45 acp and even 5.7x28

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Stevenav, Aug 19, 2013.

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    Was in fall city over the weekend and stopped into the small Fall city firearms shop.

    I found 5.7x28 cheaper than anywhere else I've seen it. 32 a box. Yeah I know.. not cheap but compared to 49.99 at wades I'll take it.

    Also I saw a decent amount of 22lr on the shelf, and snagged a few boxes of 50 for 4.50 a box. I know.. not great but a far sight better than what I've seen lately... and here's the kicker... there was no limit (at the time).

    I'm thinking someone got a good shipment in and is selling freely.

    Other stuff I saw was boxes and boxes of 7.62 and 9mm at reasonable prices.

    So if you're looking for some ammo, maybe stopping by and supporting a local merchant wouldn't be a bad idea.

    Also... went to Cab's up by the indian casino ... they had a nice selection of primers finally again. Small rifle, pistol, large rifle and pistol in federal, cci, and winchester. The CCI is still overpriced (WAY overpriced) but the other prices are falling... if you can believe it.

    Mind you... cab's still has the limit of 2 bricks per person on the primers, but it looks like stock is filtering in and accumulating finally. (okay, 22lr is still scarce as hens teeth)

    I'm thinking that this is GOOD NEWS on the ammo scene. The more primers available to reloaders the less are being demanded by the manufacturers... which maybe means that the pipeline is filing up again and we'll start to see availability of ammo and reloading supplies again.

    Fingers crossed.

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    Inwas at the outdoor emp last week and they were fully stocked.

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