All sorts of ALICE gear/pouches, belts etc

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    Everything listed comes with appropriate ALICE clips attached

    2 one qt canteens w/OD nylon carrier=$3/ea
    1 one qt canteen w/OD nylon carrier AND aluminum cup in lower part=$5
    1 two qt collapsable canteen w/kahki nylon carrier and strap=$5
    1 woodland nylon camo butt pack=$5
    1 OD nylon butt pack=$5
    3 OD nylon "Y" harness straps=$3
    2 30 rnd nylon M16 mag pouches W/grenade pockets, holds 3 mags ea=$2ea
    3 lg OD nylon belts=$2ea
    1 OD belt pad about 36x3.4 inches=$5
    4 OD nylon 20 rnd M16 mag pouches. EA holds 4-20 rnd mags=$5ea/$15/4
    4 OD nylon 12 rnd 12gauge shotshell pouches=$5ea/$15/4
    1 OD nylon first aid/compass pouch $1

    This is all the older style ALICE gear, NOT molle gear. Buyer pays shipping
    I'm looking for a set of high 30mm scope like Warne, TPS etc.

    I don't have the ability to load photos onto the computer. However if there is something you are seriously interested in and would like a photo, please let me know. I don't take a bunch of photos ahead of time because my cell provider charges me for each photo I sent ...even to plan.. But if there is something you are really interested in, please let me know, and I can use my cell phone, and email you a me with what you need a photo of.

    I have had this gear for many years, and realize that the molle has superseded the ALICE type gear. As a result, I'm only guessing on prices. If my prices are out of line, please let me know via pm or email what would be fair prices for these pieces. I simply don't need them, and am tired of shifting them from place to place in the garage. So I would like to sell or trade them.

    All reasonable offers considered...don't be shy.

    Sold pending funds.
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