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I'd like to sell my AK47 Pistol.

Barrel: 7.5" threaded to 14x1mm LH
Cal: 7.62x39mm
Kit: Egypt maddi
Extras: Tapco SAW grip, Tapco Galil Guard, 1-30 or 1-20 rd Steel magazine.

Does NOT include Suppressor!!!!

Shoots like a champ!!! This is JUST AWESOME to shoot!!!! It's got aprox 200 rounds on it (after I built it) It puts out an impresive 3-4' Fire Ball with regular ammo or a 4-5' fireball if using GoldenTiger ammo. With a 1 point sling this baby fits nicely under a winter coat. Its also legal to keep loaded in your rig as long as you have a CLP.

Washington FTF ONLY!!!

The price is $1100 for the pistol and a mag

Or $1250 for a Picatinny rail added to the rear sight block, a Doctor style mini red dot, a rear 1 point sling mound and a 1 point sling.

YouTube - AK Flamethrower Pistol V2




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