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    Okay, I've joined and I are excited to add to your newb class of users! yeah sweeeet. Can't wait to fill my new shoes! haha

    Nah, all kidding aside. I've cruised over the site a few times, grabbing bits of information intending to expand my own base of knowledge. I've come to contribute a small to medium comprehensive experience with firearms. I currently carry out my life around a somewhat large number of Firearm enthusiast, to which I've had the pleasure of experiencing different points of views and opinions related to a wide variety of Firearms. Hope NW Firearms offers me even more.... that and the classifieds of course.

    Calibers in the safe: 22lr, 38, 9mm, 5.7x28, 357, 40, 44, and 45 in pistols. 7.62x39, 7.62x54r, 308 Win, 300 Win mag, and a trusty 22lr in rifles.
    Activities: Rifle hunt... Like to camp and drink beer. Think we'll get along?

    So, I appreciate you taking a minute to read about me. I'm fairly open, ask a question if ya'd like.

    BUT, here is what I ask of you! I really haven't had the time to navigate the site/web for the necessary facts on scopes. Just looking for solid advice/experiences on scopes, related to both hunting and target shooting. Shoot me in a direction and I'll read forth. Your help is appreciated.
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