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    Tracey claims to not be a follower of HSUS and PETA, even though she mouths their slogans constantly. I'm trying to have a reasoned conversation with her about hunting, fishing, and trapping. The more reasonable I am the more shrill she becomes...

    Tracey: "Wow what planet are you from ? Trappers are only required to check traps every two days and a lot of these trappers set dogs on a caught animal or pause for photos as the animal still suffers. I would rather the animals be shot as opposed to you cruel people making them suffer further from being ripped apart by hounds. And what Implied earlier is that it would be nice if stepping in one of your traps would give you that insight. It is clear the truth escapes you , you are blinded by PETA and the HSUS . You won't even face the truth. If you would look around you would see the truth in vivid color, the blatant cruelty displayed by your " wildlife loving sportsmen." And yes, we should murder everything that interferes with the almighty buck. Good god we can't have bears living in their home and doing what they do naturally. We need more deforestation . Money is everything ..... Kill all the wildlife and be as cruel as you can .... be sure to grin in your photos ..... and just for the record I have no following of either of the groups you keep harping on . And just for the record I know all about Wildlife Services. Another fact trappers kill to kill not to sell fur . Wildlife services hired killers kill whatever happens into their traps. That includes dogs. It is not always about fur. That is despicable enough again kill everything for a quick buck. Disgusting. I happen to know about Wildlife Services and their alliance with cattlemen so again that IS what much of the killing is about ."

    ZZZ: "And how do you know all of this Tracey? Every trapper I have ever known was trapping in order to make some money. A trapper makes money by selling furs. Furs that are damaged are worth less money than furs that aren't. Why would someone want their dogs to attack an animal in a trap and destroy the value of the fur? Why would a trapper even have dogs with him? No trapper I have ever heard of would permit a dog anywhere in his operating territory or near his traps because of the scent. Trappers spend many hours preparing traps to be scent free. It takes a lot of work to boil and wax traps so that they are scentless and will operate in freezing weather. Trappers wear special shoes and clothing so as not to leave human scent behind. On top of that, it's unnecessarily cruel to allow dogs to attack a trapped animal. Why would a trapper hoping to make some money from the furs of the animals he traps check his traps only every other day? Why would I leave a $100 pelt caught in a trap for days so that it can escape, be eaten by a predator, or stolen by a passerby? When I ran a trap line I checked my traps every day at first light, no matter how bad the weather. I would not chance leaving an animal in a trap any longer than absolutely necessary for fear of it not being there when I arrived. Your scenarios make no sense.

    Perhaps you didn't know that bears eat young pine trees. Maybe you didn't know that lumber companies plant multiple young trees for every tree they cut, and that an overpopulation of bears (caused by unscientific and unreasonable restrictions on bear hunting) can mean the destruction of most of those young trees.

    Where do you get these improbable and illogical ideas? Have you never had anything to do with hunting and trapping? Have you never talked to anyone who actually participates in those activities? I deplore the use of Wildlife Services for the control of overpopulated species because Wildlife Services methods are indiscriminate and wasteful. A hound hunter that trees an animal can assess the situation and decide to let a lactating female with cubs go free. Wildlife Services' snares kill everything they encounter. Isn't it a bit ironic that the very people who based their legal campaigns for bans on hound hunting on emotional pleas about the supposed cruelty involved, have now necessitated even greater cruelty if wildlife populations are to be managed effectively?

    Your arguments are based on fantasy and supposition, not on reality. Hunters and trappers are not evil. They are no more cruel than the butcher who slaughters a cow so that you can have a hamburger. They don't want to be unnecessarily cruel, and they don't get enjoyment from the act of killing. The animal rights community constantly holds up people on the fringe of hunting, trapping, and fishing, people who violate laws, have no ethics, and exhibit sociopathic behavior as examples of accepted and "normal" behavior in the hunting, trapping, and fishing communities. The hunting, trapping, and fishing communities, as a whole, abhor and condemn those people. They, in fact, were the ones who lobbied for laws with which those people could be prosecuted. To use those people as examples of normal behavior within the hunting, trapping, and fishing communities is blatantly dishonest, but people who WANT to believe it accept it uncritically. For God's sake, use you intellect. Be logical and question whether these fantasies make any sense at all."
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    Conversation / rant? :)

    You educated my on a number of points I wasn't aware of. Thanks a lot.
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